Being present in a moment refers to an individual’s conscious decision to think only about what is happening in the current moment while connecting to his or her thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the current moment. One of the many aspects of substance abuse and addiction is that when a person is inebriated, he or she is virtually incapable of being present in the moment. Drugs and alcohol are most commonly used as an escape from a person’s reality. Additionally, when a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she is constantly thinking about when, where and how to achieve his or her next high. For these reasons, it is impossible to live mindfully and in the present moment for an individual struggling with substance abuse or addiction while actively using drugs or alcohol.

When an individual chooses to go through treatment for substance abuse or addiction, he or she is making a conscious choice to change the habit of escaping through drugs or alcohol. Living in the present, especially for individuals who are at the beginning stages of substance abuse or addiction treatment, may feel strange. Overtime, however, one may find living in the present moment to be refreshing and freeing. Of course, being consistently present in every moment will be challenging and at times a person may fail. The important thing to remember is that an individual can always snap him or herself back into the present at any point. Giving oneself the permission to let go of disappointments of the past and not focus on the possible anxieties of the future can be liberating.

Every person that goes through substance abuse or addiction treatment will learn several tools and techniques that will help a person to live presently in the moment. After all, the idea of being present in each moment is to not to allow thoughts of one’s past or notions about one’s future to encroach his or her mind while actively participating in another activity. In a sense, this is exactly what substance abuse and addiction treatment programs teach. Though many substance abuse and addiction recovery programs will differ, many of them are similar in that they will employ various types of therapeutic methods that can help a person to better understand his or her thoughts, feelings, and emotions, making it easier to connect to oneself at any given moment. There must be a significant amount of commitment and awareness for an individual to be authentically present.

There are many ways in which a person can actively practice being present in each moment. Meditation, for example, is an excellent way to practice learning to be present. In meditation, an individual is meant to focus on one thing (a color, a phrase, one’s own breath, an image…etc.), and any time anything else enters his or her mind he or she is to acknowledge it and refocus by allowing it to pass by. Having the ability to refocus and redirect one’s thoughts can be incredibly helpful for any individual throughout his or her life, especially for an individual suffering from substance abuse or addiction. Another option to practice staying present in the moment would be to attend a yoga class. Similar to meditation, yoga is a practice that encourages an individual to focus solely on him or herself. A person will move through many different poses, focusing on his or her breath, and how each pose makes his or her body feel. There are an abundant of ways in which a person can actively practice being present in each moment, and the more a person does so the more natural and easy it will become.

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The way an individual’s frame of mind, brain, and physical body adjust to accommodate an addiction will require a lifetime of healing utilizing many different modalities. Every individual seeking substance abuse or addiction treatment must select a program that will be suit his or her needs throughout this life changing experience. Substance abuse and addiction are all consuming, and if left untreated can result in extremely difficult long term consequences, and in some cases death. There is no need to go through this alone. If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, please seek help immediately. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding substance abuse or addiction. For further information, do not hesitate contacting us at: 323-207-0276. You can also feel free to reach out via email at:

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