There are many choices an individual will be faced with when he or she struggling with substance abuse or addiction and wants to get sober. Though there are many options, it is essential for an individual to select a program that is the right fit. This can help to ensure the success of one’s experience, and a solid foundation for one’s continued sobriety.

Refuge Recovery has an incredible community in Los Angeles. Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers was founded by Noah Levine. Refuge Recovery offers a myriad of unique healing methods, paired with mainstream recovery options. An individual should feel comfortable as a part of the Refuge Recovery Community in Los Angeles, as it has had a plethora of participants and individuals who have successfully gone through its treatment program. Individuals who do select Refuge Recovery will be provided with a blend of Buddhist philosophy in addition to evidence based clinical approaches to help with the treatment of substance abuse or addiction.

As a Buddhist informed program, individuals who participate in a Refuge Recovery treatment program are encouraged to incorporate the “three jewels of refuge.” These include dharma, or taking refuge in practice, sangha, or community, and Buddha, or insights into the nature of oneself. Through integrating these practices into one’s life an individual has the propensity to truly “take refuge” from his or her addiction.

As previously mentioned, community is one of the three main pillars of Refuge Recovery. A huge component of recovery from substance abuse or addiction is for an individual to establish and maintain a network of supportive individuals. Individuals in treatment for substance abuse or addiction will all hold a common goal, which is to live a sober life. There are a variety of tools that are frequently taught in different treatment programs that are similar and many that will vary. Each program will have different strengths, the same primary foci (sobriety), diverse teaching methods and varied implementing strategies. Post treatment, an individual will leave with an aftercare plan. In many cases, this will include some form of subsequent community involvement (for example, attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous). It is imperative for an individual to continue with his or her plan, after the completion of a substance abuse or addiction treatment program, so as to allow for the most success possible when it comes to maintaining one’s sobriety.

Refuge Recovery has extensive post treatment resources for individuals who have completed the substance abuse or addiction treatment program. Some of the post treatment follow-up that Refuge Recovery offers includes: monthly alumni meetings at the Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers, access to morning meditations, monthly sober fun activities for alumni, access to an app that connects the alumni community, and connection to the community based Refuge Recovery groups. There is an immense amount of support available for individuals who have not graduated from a Refuge Recovery Treatment Program, but has completed some type of substance abuse or addiction treatment program, but there are even more options open to people who have completed a Refuge Recovery Treatment Program.

Furthermore, it can be helpful to continue in the same tone, as it were, of one’s treatment program in regards to one’s aftercare plan. The options available at the Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers for individuals, post completion of treatment, can help in a nuanced way. The continued alliance with one’s goals created during the treatment program can help an individual with his or her transition out of the program and reintegrating into one’s own life. Additionally, the knowledge that the center is still available and has many options to stay connected to and involved in the community can be encouraging and comforting.

Further Information

The way an individual’s frame of mind, brain, and physical body adjust to accommodate an addiction will require a lifetime of healing. Every individual seeking substance abuse or addiction treatment must select a program that will be suit his or her needs throughout this life changing experience. Substance abuse and addiction are all consuming, and if left untreated can result in extremely difficult long term consequences, and in some cases death. There is no need to go through this alone. If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, please seek help immediately. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding substance abuse or addiction. For further information, do not hesitate contacting us at: 323-207-0276. You can also feel free to reach out via email at:

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