It is not uncommon for an individual suffering from substance abuse or addiction to go through many social changes in his or her life. Addiction occurs when an individual puts his or her drug or alcohol use above all else in his or her life, and has no regard for the consequences. This often results in severe alienation, and an unfortunate consequence of damaging many relationships with family and friends. Once an individual goes through treatment, the damage that was created regarding the relationships of one’s loved ones does not simply vanish. Rebuilding relationships and fostering new ones is an important skill for a person in recovery from substance abuse or addiction to learn and practice.

Going through substance abuse and addiction treatment, for most, can be an extremely challenging experience. One of the ways a person begins to learn how to have healthy relationships starts during a substance abuse or addiction treatment program. An integral part of substance abuse and addiction treatment is the reliance upon community. It is common for group therapy to take place during one’s treatment, and on many occasions, individuals are meant to rely on peer support to help with one’s own recovery.

Once an individual completes his or her substance abuse or addiction treatment program, there are several follow-up options available. One option is for an individual to move into a sober living facility. This option has a built-in sober living community, as every person residing in the facility will be in recovery for substance abuse or addiction. There are many different types of sober living facilities. In many cases, an individual will have the option to decide how long he or she stays in the facility (unless rules are broken, in which case a person will promptly be asked to leave). This flexibility relieves some of the pressure of reintegrating into society. Additionally, there is more structure and clear expectations placed on its residents, which can help with maintaining one’s sobriety.

Other individuals will choose to return to his or her life, while implementing the information learned from one’s addiction treatment program. In this situation, the individual will need to diligently integrate the aftercare plan created during one’s treatment program. A large component of aftercare plans, most often, is for an individual to attend community support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). One of the benefits of AA or NA is that they are available all over the country. Individuals who find themselves on vacation, or on a business trip, for example can always find an AA meeting, should he or she wish to attend one. Another great benefit to these types of support groups is that many individuals will be encouraged to seek a sponsor. A sponsor is a person who is also in substance abuse or addiction recovery and can provide peer support. An AA or NA meeting can be a great place for an individual to find a sponsor.

It is essential for an individual in substance abuse or addiction recovery to maintain a healthy social life, post treatment. Part of recovery is surrounding oneself with other people who share a common goal. A person must continue to practice his or her social skills, without the presence of drugs or alcohol. Making the choice to remain active in the community can be extremely beneficial, as it will continuously remind the individual that he or she is not alone in his or her recovery process. Furthermore, it can provide an individual with the opportunity to be of service to other individuals going through similar life changes and challenges. Maintaining one’s sobriety will be difficult at times, and it is imperative to know that support is always available.

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The way an individual’s frame of mind, brain, and physical body adjust to accommodate an addiction will require a lifetime of healing. Every individual seeking substance abuse or addiction treatment must select a program that will be suit his or her needs throughout this life changing experience. Substance abuse and addiction are all consuming, and if left untreated can result in extremely difficult long term consequences, and in some cases death. There is no need to go through this alone. If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, please seek help immediately. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding substance abuse or addiction. For further information, do not hesitate contacting us at: 323-207-0276. You can also feel free to reach out via email at:

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