Kombucha is a fermented beverage taking the health world and beverage industry by storm. The new coconut water, kombucha is proclaimed to be one of the healthiest things we can drink. Known for its probiotic benefits, kombucha provides a wealth of health bonuses while delivering a unique taste. The health benefits found from drinking the fermented beverage designates it as a “functional” beverage. Not only does kombucha taste delicious, but its good for you, too.

Home Brew

Kombucha can be home brewed, giving people the opportunity to create their own flavors, strength, and brand of kombucha. According to The Atlantic, kombucha will reach a sale of $600 million dollars this year. One population who loves kombucha? People in recovery.

People in Recovery

What designates “true” recovery is still up for argument. Some argue that purity in recovery is a necessity and any drop of alcohol could trigger a relapse. Others feel that there is margin for error, as long as a relapse does not ensue. For example, non-alcoholic beers have a less than 1% content of alcohol. So does kombucha. Can you get drunk on kombucha? You’d have to drink a lot of it. Considering the mushrooms, vegetables, fermentation, and probiotics- its probably not the drink one would one to relapse on.

Many people in recovery enjoy kombucha. While some claim to catch a buzz from the drink, most research shows that the alcoholic content is too small to cause any kind of intoxication. However, as The Atlantic reports, there is a different kind of buzz to be caught from the minute amount of alcohol in kombucha.

Alcohol Content Controversy

Regulating the alcohol content in kombucha is a nightmare for the FDA. Due to the microbes, bacteria, and microorganisms, the alcohol is necessary. “Without pasteurization, though, any bottle of kombucha that sits too long unrefrigerated…could have a significant alcohol content,” the article explains. One is in a gamble every time they pick up a bottle. Still, the alcohol content is not significant enough to cause intoxication, but enough to concern the government.

Our view at Refuge Recovery Centers is that you should liken the desire to drink kombucha to that of eating an apple. If it feels more loaded or triggering than the simple act of eating plain fruit you should ask yourself if you are ready. The compassionate thing is to give yourself time with your sobriety and check in with sangha, community, a mentor or sponsor – someone who can give you honest feedback.

While kombucha doesn’t signify as a relapse for many, the taste is extremely similar to other fermented beverages, mostly beer. For those in early recovery, kombucha could be extremely triggering.

Refuge Recovery offers a spectrum of care from medically assisted detox to partial hospitalization services. If you or a loved one are suffering from an alcohol addiction, please call or text us today at 323-207-0276.

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