Recovery is not a finality. We do not “get recovered” and then cease to continue working on ourselves. Certainly, we wouldn’t return to drinking and using out of celebration or transition from our sober state. To do so would quite quickly destroy everything we have worked so hard for. Instead, we continue to care for and nurture our precious sobriety. Using our relapse prevention skills, therapeutic methods of communication, and mindfulness tools, we stay sober.

Sobriety Constantly Changes

We realize that even though we stay sober, things, that is, life, does not stay the same. Sobriety may be a constant in our life but it will be constantly challenged as life continues to do what life does. Life is an unpredictable constant. We have turned our will and our belief over to a higher power of our understanding, trusting that there is a plan for everything. The details of that plan are complex and intricate, far beyond the realm of our understanding. In order to keep up with the flow of life we have to stay well equipped to handle constant change. Simply stated, we cannot stay the same when nothing else in life does.

Grow Or Stay the Same

“You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting,” quotes Tamara Rosin in an article titled Why Exceptional Mentors Never Stop Prioritizing Personal Development. In the article, Rosin explains that personal development, like recovery, is not episodic. Choosing to continue developing personally is a lifestyle choice that is about growth and service. Maximum service is what we truly prepare ourselves for through recovery. Where once we were helpless we find ourselves in a position to be helpful.

“People pursuing personal development constantly seek ways to become a more knowledgeable person with richer insights and experiences,” Rosin explains. She continues to explain that personal development is important in beginning stages. “It is equally important,” she emphasizes, “to those who serve in leadership and mentorship roles.”

Never Stop Growing

We should never stop growing because there is always more to learn. Humility and humbleness teach us to be teachable. We’ve learned through the numerous mistakes of our past that assuming we know everything is a grave decision. Life offers us a multitude of valuable lessons and growing opportunities. Now that we are sober, we have the chance to soak up as much of it as possible and pay it forward.

Refuge Recovery Center wants to give you the chance to learn, grow, and develop into the authentic individual you were meant to be. Our treatment programs use relapse prevention, evidence-based therapeutic methods, and Buddhist philosophy. For more information on our program, Contact Us: 323-207-0276.

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