Each person’s brain acts a little bit differently. Some people are very left brained while some are right brained. Creativism versus analysis is the driving difference between how people think, operate, and relate to the world around them. This is why some are better with conceptualizing while others are better with facts. For some it’s all about the details while for others it’s about the big idea. The divide between left brain and right brain creates balance in the world, though sometimes it creates conflict. No greater conflict rises between the analytical brain and creative brain than the subject of God.

Empathic vs Analytic

New research shows that there is a “fundamental conflict between thinking and feeling,” Medical Daily reports. Those who are more empathetic are usually the more creative thinking types because empathy is a broad conception. The research found that “the more empathetic you are, the more likely you will be religious,” in contrast, “if you tend to be analytic, you are more likely to find the concept of a higher power difficult to swallow.”

Creating Understanding

Unfortunately the people who have a hard time discovering and relating to a higher power of their understanding get somewhat ostracized in recovery. Labeled as atheists, agnostics, or unwilling control freaks, the underlying issues of their struggle are rarely addressed. Grasping a concept like that of a Creative Energy or Universal Presence is not just about how your brain works. Its also about how well the brain works. Even for the analytical mind, cognitive function is essential to learning, understanding, and grasping concepts. Analysis is, after all, a concept of itself. Addiction and alcoholism impair the prefrontal cortex which is where cognitive function lives. Without the ability to create knowledge out of information, it is difficult to create understanding of a God for which there is limited “factual” information.

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